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Retired or Approaching Retirement

The transition to retirement is an overwhelming experience. As your partner, we help you build a long-term strategy for meeting life’s challenges helping you lead a more prosperous life.

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Professionals and Diligent Savers

Good financial habits are critical to those starting out.  Balancing the needs of buying a home, paying for education, raising a family, and saving for retirement requires continuous attention and diligence.  We can help you.

Academics and Other Higher Ed Employees

Academics and other employees of higher educational institutions have unique needs. The Foundry has dedicated advisors with nuanced understanding of those needs, your benefit programs, and the diverse career tracks in your field.

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Employer Retirement Plans

Designing, managing, and funding an effective plan for your business is a key part of our work with business owners and plan committees. We use our resources, experience, and teamwork to help deliver cost-effective plans for you and your employees.

About Us

Advisory Team

Michael H. Fogarty, CFP®
President, Wealth Management Advisor

N. Kevin Flaherty, CFP®
Wealth Management Advisor

Joel P. Arsenault, AAMS®
Wealth Management Advisor

Daniel J. Rivet, CFP®
Wealth Management Advisor

Sarah Anderson
Wealth Management Advisor

Jennifer Williams
Wealth Management Advisor

Melissa Mallahan
Retirement Plan Associate

Operations Team

Kristen Sullivan
Operations Manager

Rebecca Dow
Operations Associate

It is our mission to plan prosperous futures for our clients

Through our diligence, professionalism, and a unique client experience, The Foundry will make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families, and the community at-large. As we seek to achieve our mission, we are guided by our core values:

Professionalism means we conduct ourselves with the integrity that clients should expect in their advisor. We work hard, employ diligence, and commit to continuing education so that we can stay at the top of our profession



Teamwork is a hallmark of The Foundry approach. We work as a team with our clients, their tax and legal advisors, and with our internal staff. We support each other because that is the best way for us all to achieve the results we seek.

Kindness should be the basis of all our interactions with clients, and with other Foundry employees. If we are successful weaving kindness into words and actions, then we create a culture that supports our commitment to thorough planning.

Our History

Daniel “Chuck” Fogarty began his business career in 1979 and opened a successful financial services office in the lakes region. Natalie Fogarty, his wife worked closely with Chuck as the office’s financial planning and investment representative. In 1989, Natalie Fogarty incorporated The Foundry Financial Group, Inc. and soon after filed as a Registered Investment Adviser. In 1991, their son Michael Fogarty joined their business. In 2002, Michael became the president of The Foundry, and he continues to lead the company today.


“As the company continues to grow, I am focusing much of my effort on developing the next generation of financial advisors. We want to bring the benefits of personalized planning and our investment management experience to more people and businesses who are looking for a partner in their financial decision-making.” – Michael H. Fogarty, CFP®, President

Our Home

The offices of The Foundry Financial Group are located in the historic Foundry building in downtown Laconia.  Once home to railcar manufacturing company and later a successful foundry operation, the building was renovated by the several other local business people, including Chuck and Natalie Fogarty to create a professional office location that would remain consistent with our local heritage.


It is our goal to become your financial planning partner as you set out to live a prosperous life.  PROSPERITY365 is the process we use to achieve our goal. It is a detailed set of activities and planning approaches structured to support the steps in the financial planning process.  These steps include engagement, discovery, analysis, presentation, implementation and review.  What distinguishes our firm is found in the consistent system that we use to implement each step along the way.

Our process is proactive, and centers around a Client Roadmap with timely topics scheduled in advance so that you can be prepared as you reach each of life’s milestones.  Our accountability standards are designed to keep you on course.

PROSPERITY365 is designed to do the following:

  • Keep investment expenses low.
  • Organize your financial affairs.
  • Provide timely advice as you approach life’s milestones.
  • Educate you in a balanced fashion on financial matters.
  • Allocate your investments in a tax-efficient fashion.
  • Provide you with a financial partner with whom you can go through the rest of your life.


    • Provide sound recommendations for an income you won’t outlive.

    • Address your financial goals for your children, grandchildren, and parents.

    • Guide your philanthropic endeavors for maximum tax-effectiveness.

    • Plan your distributions to match your income needs.

    • Make the most of your Social Security benefits.

    • Identify and plan for the risks and obstacles in your path.

    • Develop strategies, where practical, for tax-free retirement income.

    • Be accountable to you with detailed meeting notes and action steps.

Financial Planning

Your personal advisory relationship with The Foundry will begin with a financial plan. We will start assessing your current situation and priorities. We will lay out a timeline for addressing your needs and systematically reviewing your plan to keep you on track.

Financial planning fees are based on the complexity, estimated time required, and household net worth.  Our standard fees range between $1,450 to $4,800 per year, though fees may be higher or lower in some circumstances. In our first meeting, we will present a personalized planning proposal that will be designed to fit your needs and budget.

Fee Table

Investment Management

Once a financial plan is created, most of our clients feel that we are in the best position to assist them with plan implementation.  The Foundry offers investment management services on a discretionary basis at a highly competitive rate.

We charge an investment advisory fee of 0.50% on the first $5,000,000 under our management, and a lower rate on all assets over that amount (rates are higher or lower in some circumstances). Transaction costs are all covered in a flat percentage fee that begins at 0.25% on the first $50,000, and declining on assets over that amount.

Employer-sponsored Retirement Plans

The Foundry works with business owners and other plan sponsors to create cost-effective plans (e.g. 401(k), 403(b), etc.) for their employees. We have a clear process designed to support plan fiduciaries and to provide high level personalized support to participants.  Our goal is to provide a plan that performs well, costs very little, is easy for the business owner to manage, and helps the participant to save for retirement.

Our plan advisory fees typically start at 0.50% on the first $3,000,000 under our management and a lower rate on all assets over that amount.  Fees may vary in some circumstances.

Next Steps


Choose get started

Choose “Get Started” to schedule an initial introductory phone call.  Ask us questions to make sure we are the right fit.


Discovery Meeting (Getting to know you)

This is the foundational meeting where we want to learn about you and your family; your work and business history, understand your dreams and financial goals and dig into your experience with money and financial matters.


Analysis and Recommendations Meeting

We will look at where you are and where you want to be, and then layout our strategies to address gaps and opportunities in your plan.


Implementation, Monitor, and Review

We get to work on building your financial future!

The Foundry Client Center

To allow you to easily view your plan information, we give you access to the following services.

Financial Plan Portal

Emoney is your access point for viewing your financial plan and sharing documents. Connect your accounts for real-time plan updates.

Investment Custodian

NetXInvestor® is an innovative and intuitive platform giving you instant access to account and tax statements, trade confirmations and more.

Portfolio Reporting

View all of the accounts we supervise for you in one, easy-to-access consolidated report.

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