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Unique Financial Planning Issues of Employees in Academia

“For more than 22 years I have witnessed clients deeply committed to their students, committed to their research, and committed to the institutions they serve. I bring that same focus and passion to the financial planning they need and deserve.” – Kevin Flaherty

  • Early retirement incentive program strategies
  • Investment menus with multiple vendors and investment tiers
  • Understanding in-service income options
  • Additional savings opportunities for public university employees including large Roth funding
  • Income from consulting, royalties, summer programs, grants and other entrepreneurial sources
  • Cash flow considerations due to academic pay schedule and sabbaticals
  • Complex benefits plans with grandfathered components
  • Addressing the demands of a changing work environment
  • Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Portfolios

The Right Fit

Do you desire a comprehensive financial planning partnership?

Clients who want to have ongoing review and analysis knowing there may be some homework and follow-up on their part.

Are you within ten years of retirement or already retired?

We have helped hundreds of clients through this time of their lives. You only retire once but we have gone through this stage numerous times.

Are you committed to taking action?

The most successful clients weigh the options with us and then we work together to implement the plan.

Do you want help monitoring and adjusting the plan?

As life happens; opportunities and challenges will arise. Staying on track will require an ongoing relationship.

“The Foundry financial planning relationship is a true partnership. Our job is to help you understand your financial choices and then keep you on track, adjusting along the way. Therefore it is imperative that we are truly working on the same page.” – Kevin Flaherty

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Discovery Meeting (Getting to know you)

This is the foundational meeting where we want to learn about you and your family; your work and business history, understand your dreams and financial goals and dig into your experience with money and financial matters.


Analysis and Recommendations Meeting

We will look at where you are and where you want to be, and then layout our strategies to address gaps and opportunities in your plan.


Implementation, Monitor, and Review

We get to work on building your financial future!